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What do School governors do?


The responsibility of the governing board is to hold the school to account for the curriculum, school finances, staffing, resources and standards at the school. The governing board shares the strategic vision for the school and monitors all aspects of school life.

The full governing board meets together each term and has two main sub committees, Resources to look after staffing, premises and finances and   Teaching and Learning which looks at curriculum, safeguarding , behaviour, attendance etc. These two sub-committees meet at least once a term.

We have 12 governors who are appointed by different methods, as specified by the government.


The governors at Windlehurst are:


Type of governor


Current Period of appointment

Area of responsibility

Staff governor

Kevin Webb

2015 - 2019


Co-opted Governor

Diana Horrocks

2015 -2019

Chair of Governing Board; Chair of Finance

Co-opted Governor

Rob Elvin

2015 - 2019

Vice chair of Governing board; Health and Safety

Co-opted Governor

Stewart Dawson

2019 - 2023

Chair of Teaching and Learning

Co-opted Governor

Alison Bettles

2015 - 2019

SEN; School food, Medical Needs

Co-opted Governor

Sophie Chadwick

2017 - 2021

Governor development

Co-opted Governor




Co-opted Governor

Phillip Worthington

2017 - 2021

Data; website compliance


Chris Ormiston



Local authority appointed




Parent governor




Parent governor













Each of the governors has provided a brief statement about themselves.


Diana Horrocks:  “I am delighted to have been appointed as the Chair of Governors at Windlehurst School. I joined as a co- opted governor in 2015 and am keen to use my experience as a past School Business Manager as well as my business and commercial background.”


Kevin Webb: "I am elected by the school staff and have been a staff governor for 8 years. I bring my professional experiences of working within the school to help the governing body in its duties."


Alison Bettles: “I was a Stockport headteacher for over 20 years, with a particular interest in young people with behavioural difficulties. On retiring I was delighted to be given the opportunity to support Windlehurst School, its staff and pupils, as a governor.” 


Sophie Chadwick “I am delighted to have been appointed as a co-opted governor for Windlehurst school giving me an opportunity to support the pupils, staff and governing board. I work in the banking industry with expertise in finance, budgeting and resourcing.”


Phillip Worthington  “I have been supporting communities in Stockport for over 5 years through my role in housing, currently working as a Team Leader for Stockport Homes. As a qualified youth worker, I understand the challenges facing young people living in Stockport and hope to contribute to the good work of the Governing Board through my local knowledge and experience.”


Stewart Dawson “


Record of Governor attendance at meetings in 2018-2019 can be found here.


How to become a Governor


Being a Governor is a great way to be part of Windlehurst whilst putting something back into the community.


Who can be a Governor?

  • Parents who have been elected by parents at the school
  • Staff elected by the Head, teachers and support staff at the school.
  • The headteacher is invited to be on the Governing Body
  • Persons appointed by Stockport Council know as the LA Governors
  • Persons from the community usually appointed by the other members of the Governing Body, known as co-opted governors


How long can you be a Governor for?

Usually a governor is appointed for a period of four years but may subsequently be eligible for re-appointment or re-election.


How can I become a Governor?

If you are interested in becoming a Governor at Windlehurst School please contact either the Headteacher or the School Business Manager at the school. Then you can come along and meet us and help make a difference.


Declaration of Interests


Governors are required to make an annual declaration of interests which may have a bearing on their governance of the school.

All governors completed this form in October 2018. Mr Phillip Worthington declared that he works for Stockport Homes who provide services to the school. (Mr Worthington has since left Stockport Homes)

No other governors had any interests which conflicted with their duties as a governor of the school.