Holidays during term time

In the past, it was common for schools to grant parents the right to take their child out of school on holiday during term time. This practice, however, changed in 2013 when the government abolished the right of headteachers to authorise holidays in this way. Now the law states that leave of absence can only be authorised "in exceptional circumstances".

For your clarity, it is highly unlikely that the headteacher or the Governing Board at Windlehurst school will authorise holidays in term time. If you believe that the circumstances around your request to take your child out of school during term time are indeed "exceptional", you are required to apply for authorisation in advance. Authorisation cannot be applied retrospectively. The headteacher may wish to talk to you before a final decision is made.

If, having read the above, you believe that your application meets the "exceptional circumstances" requirement, please contact the school office for an application form.