We at Windlehurst feel that cooking will enable our students to develop different skills 

- Food hygiene
- Health and safety
- Teamwork
- Food preparation and cooking using a wide range of foods and cooking methods

We have a number of staff who support our cooking curriculum across our sites.  They devote their time in teaching food hygiene and helping the students achieve a level 2- Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering. We use our cooking time to have one to one with our students to build good relationships, as well as teaching students how to cook food at home for family and friends. We feel that this will enable them to enjoy more family time within the kitchen at home.

On this page we have published some of our students favourite recipes so please feel free to download and use at home with your family.

Students are also taking this opportunity to create a Windlehurst cook book so keep an eye on this page for updates.




Chocolate Brownie               Lemon Drizzle Cake              Perfect Pancakes


                        Oat Cookies                                  Flapjack