Staff List

STAFF                  ROLE

Mr Ormiston            Headteacher, Designated teacher with responsibility for Child Protection,

      Children in the Care of the Local Authority,


Mr Berry                   Deputy Headteacher, Designated Safeguarding Leader (SLT)

Mr Kellett                 Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, Staff Lead at Millbrook                                                       

                                 Site, Designated Teacher for LAC (SLT)

Mr Goldthorp           Form Tutor / Teacher of Science

Mr Holmes               Form Tutor / Teacher 

Mr Law                     Form Tutor / Teacher of Maths

Mrs Hart                   Form Tutor / Teacher of English 

Mr Taylor                  Form Tutor / Teacher

Mrs Taberner           Form Tutor / Teacher of Humanities

Miss Booth               Form Tutor / Teacher

Miss McAllister         Teacher 


Miss Wright             Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms Watson              Learning Support Assistant 

Mr Fraser                 Learning Support Assistant - Careers & Advice

Mrs Moss                 Learning Support Assistant

Ms Clough                Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Thompson         Learning Support Assistant

Mr Kelly                    Learning Support Assistant

 Ms Willoughby       Learning Support Assistant

Mr Clarke                  Learning Support Assistant

Miss Hulmes            Learning Support Assistant

Mr Bagshaw            Learning Support Assistant


Mr Cahill                   Family Attendance & Safeguarding Officer

Mrs McAleer            Family Attendance & Safeguarding Officer


Mrs Holmes             School Business Manager (SLT)

Mrs Mulcahy           Administration Assistant (Hawk Green)

Mrs Colclough        Administration & Exams Officer (Town Centre)


Mrs Durr                 Kitchen Manager/Cook (Hawk Green)

Mr Rothwell           Caretaker (Town Centre)

Mr Barron               Site Supervisor (Hawk Green)