Our Vision 


Windlehurst School


Staff, students, parents and governors all contributed to this vision of education at Windlehurst School. Because many of the students have experienced significant difficulty finding their place in our society there are some very specific aims and outcomes of the education we offer.


These are the outcomes which we want all our young people to achieve:


We want our students to:

  • Have the determination and resilience to persevere when challenged by learning
  • Be productive learners
  • Learn skills for life
  • Be proud of what they achieve
  • Aspire to meet the requirements to return to mainstream school where appropriate
  • Aspire to further training or education on leaving school.



We want our students to:

  • Enjoy the relationships they have with staff and peers at school
  • Be able to resolve conflict in a positive way
  • See the viewpoints of others
  • Understand their own emotions and those of those around them
  • Become valued and rounded members of society.



We want our students to:

  • Believe in themselves
  • Be happy
  • Belong
  • Be understood
  • Feel wanted and accepted



We want our students to:

  • Display an optimistic attitude about life and its challenges
  • Aspire to progress.



In order to achieve these outcomes, we need to ensure our students have a skill set which makes this possible. In order to develop and embed these skills we are working hard to make Windlehurst School a Restorative Approaches School. Restorative Approaches is a way of repairing, maintaining and building on relationships and actively seeks to teach young people (and adults working with them) to be:

  • Active Listeners
  • Empathetic
  • Emotionally Literate
  • Non-judgemental
  • Skilled at conflict management.