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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Allocation – 2016/17

Number of pupils qualifying for PP: 33

Amount per pupil: £935

Total amount allocated: £30,855

Record of spending: April 16 – Mar 17: £16,000 intervention & mentoring programme across both sites, April 16 – Mar 17: £8,235 Alternative Provision placements for identified students, Sept 16 – Dec 16: £4,032 child psychotherapist, Annual Lexia subscription £1,460 and Annual My Maths subscription £185. Materials to support activities £943.


  • Average improvement of 1.4 on SDQ scale (KS3 students)
  • Whole school attendance improved by 5%
  • 80% of students using Lexia made progress with their reading with 60% making sufficient progress to Narrow the Gap with higher achieving peers.
  • 46% of students matched or exceeded expected national progress in mathematics.


Overall Analysis

Whilst all the interventions funded by Pupil Premium monies contributed to improved student achievement last year, we will review all the packages on an annual basis to ensure they are still offering good value for money. The Psychotherapy Intervention was particularly popular with both students and parents but, due to circumstances beyond our control, was curtailed in the middle of the year meaning that programmes were not followed through to completion. This meant that a substantial initial financial investment was, to some extent, wasted (although those students who followed even the partially completed course reported that they felt they had gained from the opportunity).

This experience means that Windlehurst will try to ensure that any PP spending this year is “future proofed” – ie guaranteed to run the full course or planned so that, should the provision or the funding be unavailable at any time in the future, students can still benefit from partial input.